How to Manage the Whole Radio Production Process from Getting the Client to Post Production?

The radio production is composed of a series of stages. It is a sophisticated practice that can’t be accomplished without going through all of its components.

The steps that are included in the radio production may vary with the variation in the topics and nature of the audience.

Various other factors may also be involved in this list. This complicated procedure is a combination of versatile sort of steps, among which all of them may or may not be always included in the operation. This starts with the getting of client and finishes with the completion of post-production.

Process of Radio Production

The process of radio production is composed of various steps. It may consist of all steps depending on the nature of clients or the topic of the story and program. The details of these stages are given in detail below;

Client & Pre-production

This is the initial step in the process of radio production. In this juncture, the Client is also obtained. Clients are the key factors for the radio production especially when you are going to release a program on a channel, whether an international or the national.

· In this step, the identification of topic is made. The issue is finalized and is confirmed at this stage. Moreover, the characters of the story are also settled. Selection of characters is made by the demand of the story.

· Designing of scenes is done such a pattern so that they may attract and retain the audience’s attention for a maximum period. Similarly, the various stages are designed, and sounds are allocated to different scenes accordingly.

· The idea of the story is made clear in this step. All the homework is done for the program on various prior settings and management.


This is the intermediate stage in radio manufacturing process. Evaluation of all the characters done in this juncture along with finding the views about them. Recording of ambiance is held. The ambiance is a naturally occurring sound. The recording of scenes including some prominent happenings is also recorded. The main sketch of all the scenes is set at this stage. Arrangements of music for various scenes is made by creating or downloading music clips.

Post Production and Distribution

In this juncture, the classification of all the recordings is done. Multiple interviews included in the program are prepared. The scenes are recorded finally to be broadcasted in this stage. The beds are adjusted for ambient sounds that have to be played time to time in a planned manner throughout the program.

· The music is arranged and is adjusted at its proper location where required throughout the program.

· The recorded clips are viewed, and the most premium and best among them are selected.

· Now these scenes are allocated to their proper locations. This adjustment is made in a way that an organized system is created in which they have to be usual and make sense.

· Now the writing up is conducted. This writing up is done in such a way that introduces the characters and scenes and carry the story towards a valid conclusion. Once the drafting of the script is accomplished, it is rechecked and offered for criticism.

· After making changes accordingly, the approval is issued for the script. After this, recording of these is done with great care. This process is called tracking.

· When the conversion of the written script is done into an audio film, it is again checked for any possible error.

· Now the sound recording is subjected to a digital computer editing program. This program makes it feasible to mix the scenes, to arrange the narrations and to make audio clips properly layered with the scripts.

· Care must be taken to make it possible to handle the audience.

· The response of the public must give prime importance in uplifting the standards of the program.

· Selection of topic must be made with care so that it may inspire the interests of the audience.

Now the distribution of the program in various channels is done so that it can be gone on air in the different areas. Certain points are taken into consideration while the distribution of a program on the channels.

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